When building any type application for a customer there is no such thing as "good enough". Either the application is 100% right or it is 100% wrong. Perfection may seem an unreachable summit for some, I find it a worthy goal to strive for every day.


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Evolution, it’s vital to everything but more importantly it’s vital to business. My goal is to allow your business to evolve into the most efficient online presence possible without the "pain and suffering" most development companies put their clients through. This site is my evolution from working behind a company name to putting my name, knowledge, experience and problem solving ability to work for you and your project. My commitment to building the finest websites and web applications online today is second to none, with attention paid to every detail and potential problem that may occur down the road.

New Affordable Complete Website Package

After talking to multiple small businesses that are struggling to bring in more business in these lean times and realizing most of them don't have a huge budget I have decided to put together my 'complete website package'. This package is priced at $1650 and includes everything a small business needs to finally get an online presence. Added to that each website has every ounce of my search engine optimization skills included. You won't see a better deal on a quality custom website anywhere on the internet!

Web Application Development with an attitude

Yes, other developers may say I have an attitude, and to some extent that may be true. My attitude is simply explained though. I want, and will only except, the best for my clients and their projects and while some so-called developers may be happy with cut and paste scripts they found while searching Google I refuse to "slap together" anything to make a quick buck. I will not cut corners now, only to have to fix something later because it was the easiest way. Too many times I have seen customers spend years, and hard earned dollars, trying to solve problems that could have been easily solved had the original developer just taken the time to do the job right. If you want an application developed that will stand the test of time and will be scalable no matter how many customers may use it you have come to the right place. You deserve to hear the truth about your site or project from day one and not have someone tell you want they think you want to hear instead of what you need to hear to make your business grow!

realistic pricing and goals

Each project is different, each with it's own unique set of circumstances, problems and goals. My pricing takes into consideration these factors and each job is priced accordingly. While I am not the 'discount house' of web development I feel my prices reflect my capabilities and my loyalty to your business while keeping your budget limitations in mind. You will never have to pay more if something isn't quite working right either, my work is 100% guaranteed and I stand behind that guarantee with my name and reputation. For over 12 years my clients have been comfortable with the knowledge that I am there for them when they need me.

is it 'just me'?

Several people with larger projects have asked 'is it just you that does all the work?'. The answer is twofold, on small to mid-sized projects I may be the only one working on it but on larger projects I have ability to bring in some of the finest people in their fields in a moments notice. I am privileged to be friends and a solid professional relationship with some of the finest graphic artists, programmers, database developers, Flash gurus and content writers in the world. Each and every one of them have shown me they are the 'best of the best' so if the need arises you can rest assured everyone working on your project is a 'top gun' in their field.

real search engine optimization

There are a million SEO companies out there that will take your money, pull some tricks and get you some decent rankings. So why should you be interested in my service? Because plain and simple I do it right, get you rankings and DON’T get you in trouble by playing illegal games! Check out my search engine optimization page for more details.

website maintenance & repair services

Even though my wife has been doing all the updates and maintenance for my ongoing clients for over 9 years we never really opened up her services to the public. That has now changed with the opening of her site christinemdalton.com. If you are in the market for solid support, updates and website maintenance look no further. She has spent over 9 years being trained by me and plain and simple she knows her stuff!